Reasons why Smoking cigarettes in public should be banned

Everybody knows smoking is injurious to health. Smoking harms the smoker and also harms the people around him. Do we have the right to hann others and ourselves by our irresonable behaviour? Definitely we do not have this right. Therefore, smoking cigarettes in public places should be banned altogether.

Many smokers argue that cigarette smoking is a gift of modern times, and it is a fashion nowadays. Some of them argue that it increases concentration to work. But their arguments are indeed irrational. Medical studies have confirmed that there is a direct linkage between nicotine, which is present in tobacco, and the high incidence of heart attack and cancer in smokers. These are' dreadful diseases and at times proves fatal. Smokers can easily be attacked with these tenible diseases, and even the innocent non-smoking people around the smokers can be banned by them. So we should considerthat we have no moral right to smoke in public places.

Smoking in public places is an infringement on the fundamental right of our fellow citizens because it violates their right to live. A smoker may argue that banning smoking would violate the fundamental right of the individual. But this is untrue, as no one has the right to endanger one's own life and the life of others around him. It 18 this realisation out of which many advanced countries like U. K. and U. S. A. have banned smoking in public

The consequences of smoking are indeed veiy grave, and hence there is an immediate need to ban smoking in public. The public opinion should be built in favour of this. Lawmakers should make law against smoking in public places.