Road to Excellence: A History of North South University Ceremonially Lanuched

The launching ceremony of the book, Road to
Excellence: A History of North South University
was held on June 16. The former Advisor to the Caretaker Government of Bangladesh, Dr. Hossain Zillur Rahman unveiled the book as the Chief Guest of the program, while Mr. M. A. Kashem, the outgoing Honorable Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT), graced the occasion
as the Special Guest. The Vice Chancellor,
Professor Atiqul Islam, chaired the ceremony. At
the ceremony, the Chair of the Department of
History and Philosophy and one of the primary
editors of the book. Dr. Sharifuddin Ahmed, gave
a wonderful welcome speech and acknowledged
the many different contributors in his speech.
Deans, Department Chairs, faculty members,
administrative heads, and other officials were
also in attendance. The. program ended with the
distribution of iftar.

The work on Rood to Excellence: A History of
North South University began last year and was
inspired by the grand 24th anniversary celebration of the university's glorious past. North South University (NSU) holds a unique position in Bangladesh's tertiary education sector as it was the first private institution in the country and is the finest. The book has chapters dealing with different segments of the life and the development of NSU including its founding years and
the challenges it has faced through its years of expansion. Many distinguished philanthropists, teachers, and researchers have contributed to the weaving of the story of NSU's history.

Readers can take a look into the ideals and policies of the institution and learn of the tations that the founders of NSU have for years ahead. The first part focuses on the begin nings of the university, on the initial discussions that brought to light the need for an educational environment in the private sector, free from partisan politics, in which faculty members, staff,
and students could transmit knowledge, skills,
and wisdom to improve the quality of life for all.
The book also chronicles the development
and the establishment of various schools and
departments, showing the growth and expansion of the academic life of the university. The alumni are also acknowledged in the book, as their careers and achievements serve as sources of inspiration to succeeding generations of NSU students. Furthermore, the book explores how NSU was established as an institution with a global reach. Since its inception, NSU has striven to be a university anchored in Bangladesh but
with connections around the world.

In the prologue to the book, Dr. Sharifuddin
Ahmed, writes, "It is most unfortunate that in
our fondness to innovate and pioneer systems
of infrastructure, we often neglect the most
fundamental evidence for progress: to keep
records of what we do. Thus, the initiative to
write a book of our university's history leads us
to consider not only what we recall about the
past 24 years, but also how the readers of the
coming years may remember us." This book is
the first of its kind at NSU and it makes a vital
contribution to the history of education in this