North South University Holds Ani Terrorism and Anti Militancy Discussion Session

A special discussion session focusing on the evils
of terrorism and militancy and their prevention was held on September 3 in the Plaza Area after the Undergraduate Orientation program. Ms. Dilara Afroz Khan Rupa, a Senior Lecturer of the School of Business and Economics and the Director of the Confucius Institute at NSU, emceed the session. To begin, the audience stood up to honor the National Anthem and observed a moment of silence for our martyrs. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Atiqul Islam, and the BOT Chairman, Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed, gave inspiring speeches at the session. Mr. Abed Khan was the Honorable Guest and the Keynote Speaker.

Mr. Abed Khan is a prominent Bangladeshi journalist and columnist. He has been influential in the Bangladesh news industry in various capacities for years, working as an editor and writer for a number of top Bangladeshi news organizations. Mr. Khan is currently the editor and publisher of the Dhaka-based daily Jagoran. He also fought in the 1971 Liberation War. In his speech, Mr. Khan expressed his shock and dissatisfaction with the involvement of educated, young, and affluent individuals in the brutal terrorist attacks. He explained how important it is for young people to be educated about the challenges, sacrifices, and struggles Bangladesh had to go through to emerge as an independent nation. He
further said that culture is the biggest weapon against terrorism; therefore, we must constantly surround young people with art, music, and literature, as the arts teach us how beautiful life is. Mr. Khan also commended the government and the armed forces of Bangladesh for their remarkable commitment to the battle against terrorism and militancy.

Mr. Azim Uddin Ahmed also spoke about the emergence of Bangladesh and how our nation promotes peace, not hatred. He stated that each student needs to play a vital role in improving and developing their country. He reinforced how the authority of NSU will continue to take strict measures to protect the institution and its students. NSU now offers mandatory courses on the emergence of Bangladesh and in Bangla Language and Literature.

Professor Atiqul Islam proudly stated that NSU has an educational environment that fosters the pursuit of knowledge and respects all those who seek peace and understanding. He also said that the institution endeavors not only to develop the Bangladeshi leaders of tomorrow, but also to develop ethical, moral, and tolerant individuals. Professor Islam urged the parents in attendance to look out for changes in the behavior of their children or in their friend circles and requested them to inform the university about these occurrences so that joint efforts can be made to help the students. Lastly, he thanked everyone in the audience for taking part in the program.

This discussion session was one of many efforts the NSU family has made to demonstrate solidarity and unity; it showed that NSU would always be there to protect itself, its students, and the country against any act of terrorism or militancy. Recently, to counteract the darkness of the horrific terrorist attacks, over 1000 students came together to form Bangladesh's first human map, a seminar entitled "Alliance Against Terrorism" was held, and NSU proudly joined educational institutions nationwide to form a human chain to protest against terrorism.